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Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

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Get the restful sleep you deserve
Improve the quality of an essential part of your life with the Nygex memory foam pillow. Perfect for side sleepers, it aligns with your cervical contours throughout the night. This ensures the proper positioning of your upper spine, reducing stiffness. Crafted from a breathable material, our cushion ensures a comfortable slumber.

Pain relief

Our pillow boasts an orthopedic form. It properly adapts to your head, neck, and shoulders while you sleep on your side, providing targeted support. By doing so, the pillow reduces pressure on these sensitive parts of your body. Over time, it leads to a gradual alleviation of discomfort in your neck area.


The Nygex sleeping pillow is constructed with porous materials that feature open-cell technology. This build promotes free air circulation throughout the pillow all night, preventing heat accumulation. You won't experience any sweating due to it, ensuring uninterrupted rest.

Memory foam

Featuring premium elastic foam, our pillow conforms to the shape of your neck area and maintains its orthopedic form after extended use.
More reasons to love our pillow for cervical

Ergonomic Contour

Quality Materials

Relieve Stress



11 reviews for Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

  1. T**y

    I have been sleeping on this pillow for a week now, and have drastically seen and felt improvement in neck and back pain!! I’m truly amazed! Highly recommend it!!

  2. R**e

    This pillow is awesome! It’s not too firm and has just the right softness for back and side sleeping. I like it so much that I’ve ordered another one.

  3. V*****a

    I found this pillow to be a perfect fit for my head and neck. I sleep on my back with and it gives me the support I want for comfort and a good night’s sleep! 5 out of 5!

  4. L**u

    I fall asleep on my back but go on my side during the night. I find this pillow very comfortable in both positions. It has alleviated my neck pain from arthritis. Thanks

  5. M****y

    This is by far the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever had! I slept uninterrupted last night, nine hours straight! That hasn’t happened in many many years.

  6. S****a

    Great pillow! I love how responsive the foam is. It’s hard to find good pillows nowadays and this one definitely does the job

  7. T****r

    This pillow is just what I needed. Great support and I wake up less during the night. Highly recommend.

  8. A***r

    This has great neck support. My neck-related headaches have been gone. I highly recommend it if you are looking to sleep better!

  9. F****h

    Would highly recommend this pillow if you’re a side or back sleeper looking for a medium firm contour pillow! It fully supports my neck and is not too firm!

  10. H****h

    This is a quality made pillow. Works great and perfectly supports my neck and head. I would buy it again.

  11. E****a

    Love it. I had constant neck and shoulder pain. Could not turn my head very easily. Decided to try this pillow. After a few nights, I no longer have that pain and have a better range of motion when turning my head. Amazing product

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