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Natural Latex Orthopedic Contoured Pillow

(9 customer reviews)


Wake up refreshed and energized
Elevate a fundamental aspect of your life with the Nygex contoured pillow. It adjusts to your cervical area, maintaining proper alignment of your neck. This mitigates the muscle stiffness and pain caused by it. Crafted from natural materials, our pillow ensures a comfortable sleep.

Pain relief

Our cushion boasts an orthopedic design. Made with soft latex, it comfortably fits your head, neck, and shoulders. You get your upper spine properly aligned, and the included massage particles ease neck tension. Over time, you feel less cervical discomfort.


The Nygex orthopedic pillow is constructed from natural Thai latex with built-in air grooves. It promotes free air circulation, preventing heat accumulation. This feature eliminates night sweats, ensuring your sleep remains undisturbed.

Memory foam

The natural latex stands out for its exceptional elasticity. It allows the pillow to mold perfectly to your neck contours and still retain its orthopedic shape even after prolonged use.
More reasons to love our natural latex pillow

Ergonomic Contour

Relieve Stress




9 reviews for Natural Latex Orthopedic Contoured Pillow

  1. K****r

    I love this pillow! It’s perfectly soft and supportive. And it comes with a washable cover 😊

  2. N**h

    I’ve tried a different latex pillow before and this one definitely feels the best. It is soft but also has the right amount of bounce back! Recommended!

  3. S***n

    Feels so good on my neck. I have degenerative disks in my neck and I need a soft supportive pillow. This pillow is wonderful! Love it!

  4. L***e

    Very comfortable! This pillow is the best one I’ve ever bought❤️🙌

  5. F****e

    Perfect combo of comfort and support! This pillow fills the gap between my shoulders and neck on my side or back and is even comfortable on my stomach. A great pillow!

  6. C***b

    Extra soft and yet gives plenty of support. I’m more than impressed with the quality and comfort. Absolutely a fantastic pillow!

  7. D***r

    My neck thanks me every morning for buying this pillow. It helps to align my neck so it doesn’t hurt in the morning. Very happy with it! 🙂

  8. H****y

    It’s my first latex pillow and I love it so far. Took some time to get used to the material but it’s good now. It definitely helps with neck pain. Thanks!

  9. T***a

    I think I just found a perfect pillow for me! It perfectly supports all my sleeping positions and makes me wake up refreshed 😍 Absolutely love it!!

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