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Cloud-Shaped Ergonomic Sleeping Pillow

(8 customer reviews)

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Cloud-soft comfort for your revitalizing rest
Experience a refreshing slumber every night with the Nygex ergonomic pillow. Its innovative design combats collar muscle stiffness by keeping your head and neck in the proper position. Crafted from breathable materials, it promotes moisture-free sleep for added snugness.

Reduce strain

Our cloud-shaped pillow provides optimal support for your head, neck, and shoulders. This alignment keeps your upper spine in a neutral position. It helps to mitigate muscle stiffness in the collar region.


Our ergonomic cushion is designed to suit back, side, and stomach sleepers. Thanks to the flexible material, it guarantees a restful slumber regardless of your favorite resting pose.

Ventilated design

Crafted from breathable materials, the Nygex pillow promotes air circulation. It keeps you cool and dry, creating a comfortable sleep environment.
More reasons to love our cloud sleeping pillow

Ergonomic Contour

Relieve Stress




8 reviews for Cloud-Shaped Ergonomic Sleeping Pillow

  1. P**l

    This pillow is soft yet firm enough to support my head and correctly align my neck. The quality of my sleep had greatly improved. Thanks👍🏼

  2. L***a

    This pillow is cute! Small and light but gives just enough neck support. Great quality!

  3. M***a

    Honestly, this is the pillow I’ve been looking for after many failed attempts to find one that is comfortable and won’t kill my neck. I’m so happy I bought it. Highly recommend this!

  4. L*a

    I love this pillow! It is wonderfully comfortable, squishy and cool. Definitely worth the price!

  5. D***n

    Very comfortable, good for my upper back/neck pain. It’s also small enough to be a travel pillow. Love this.

  6. K***y

    Nice pillow. I’ve never tried this microsphere filler so I didn’t know what to expect. But I really like the density and comfort it provides. Thanks!

  7. N*****l

    Works great for all sleeping positions! And I love that it doesn’t get hot during the night like my old pillow did. I will buy more of these!

  8. K****y

    This pillow is amazing, soft yet firm at the same time. Does not go flat like most pillows. So happy I found this one.

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