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USB Oil Diffuser Air Humidifier

(12 customer reviews)

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Transform your home into a fragrant spa oasis.
The Nygex Aroma Diffuser is the ultimate solution for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home. It uses ultrasonic technology to disperse essential oils into the air, providing a therapeutic ambiance. Nygex electric aroma diffuser is compatible with all kinds of essential oils. This allows you to customize your aromatherapy experience to suit your preferences and needs.
Air quality improvement

Air quality improvement

The diffuser helps to purify and freshen the air in your home. It reduces allergens and promotes better breathing.
Whisper-Quiet Operation

Whisper-quiet operation

This portable diffuser is designed to operate quietly. It ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy without any disturbance, even while you sleep.
Sleep improvement

Sleep improvement

The device also helps to improve your sleep by releasing soothing scents that promotes deeper relaxation and calmness.

Candlelight simulation

The built-in lamp simulates the soft, warm glow of a candle. It creates will create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere in any room.
aroma diffuser
aroma diffuser

Easy to use

The diffuser is simple to operate and can be controlled with the touch of a button. It is also easy to clean and maintain - simply remove the upper part to refill and keep the device running smoothly.

Auto shut-off

Nygex diffuser is designed with a safety feature that automatically turns off the device when the water level is low. This ensures safe and carefree operation without additional pressure.
aroma diffuser
More reasons to love our aroma diffuser
Odour elimination

Odor Elimination

Premium materials

Premium Materials



safe to use

Safe To Use

12 reviews for USB Oil Diffuser Air Humidifier

  1. Z****o

    Runs a long time and is really pretty at night. Super happy with it

  2. J****a

    Looks awesome, I love the ambiance so much. Works well and has good humidification and oil diffuse!

  3. C****l

    Very easy to use, very pretty atmosphere. I especially like the fact that it automatically turns off if it runs out of water. Would recommend.

  4. N***i

    Would look great in any environment! I really love the look of this one. Compared to the other humidifiers I own, this one performs really well and effectively.

  5. L****r

    Love everything about this diffuser. Easy to use and produces a lot of mist!!

  6. S***a

    Looks really cool and I can add any scent oil I want. It helps me greatly in relieving sore throat. Thanks.

  7. T**e

    This item is great! Affordable and easy to use, so far so good, no issues.

  8. O****y

    I add essential oils to keep my house smelling fresh and it is very aesthetically pleasing. Love that it’s so quiet while it works.

  9. E***a

    It runs longer than advertised! Definitely recommend it. You can’t beat it in any way.

  10. H***y

    Finally, a diffuser that doesn’t have to be refilled so often and puts off enough vapor to cover my whole room. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  11. D***e

    What more can I say? It soooo pretty!! I add lemon essential oils and it has my house smelling amazing!

  12. T***a

    Love it. Compact, lightweight, but still has a nicely sized tank to run for 8+ hours. Would buy again

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