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Digital Hygrometer Thermometer

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Improve your overall well-being by controlling air quality.
The optimal humidity level is between 30-50%. Air humidity outside of this range causes symptoms like dry skin, itchy eyes, sinus infections, and even increases chances of getting colds and flues. Our digital hygrometer was designed to help you maintain the indoor climate you need for a comfortable, disease-free life.

User friendly

Our device features an easy-to-read interface with clear and concise information for any user.
Widely applicable

Widely Applicable

This thermometer has a wide measurement range, so it can be used in various settings, including homes, offices, greenhouses or any space where climate control is required.


Nygex digital hygrometer is designed to have low power consumption, allowing it to run on a single battery for up to 2 years.

Comfort indicator

The comfort indicator, represented by a happy or sad face, reflects the humidity level, allowing you to assess the room climate at a glance.

Industrial-grade precision

This thermometer provides accurate readings, ensuring that you always know the exact conditions in your space.


The device is made with high-quality materials and is built to last, providing you with accurate readings for years to come.
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easy to use sm

Easy To Use

Premium materials

Premium Materials

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design

safe to use

Safe To Use

13 reviews for Digital Hygrometer Thermometer

  1. O***e

    I can say these are pretty accurate and work very well. I have one in each room of my house and the basement. Like to know what the humidity and temp are for each room!

  2. J****s

    Super small but does the job really well! Tested it with another hygrometer and thermometer. Well worth the money.

  3. E**c

    This small digital display is clear and easy to read, showing the temperature and humidity wherever placed. It’s thick enough to stand on a flat surface too. Love it.

  4. T***y

    Now that I have been using these for a little while and have tested them a few times, they are surprisingly accurate for the price. Easy to use and it’s just what I needed to track the humidity and temperature level in my house.

  5. L***s

    Wanted an out-of-the-way unit for the kitchen. This device can stand flat on the surface or hang on a wall. Excellent buy for the money!

  6. C***m

    Accurate and easy to use! Absolutely no complaints. 100% recommend!

  7. M***m

    Nice device! You can switch between Celcius and Fahrenheit and it shows a sad face when humidity levels are low! Recommended!

  8. C****e

    I’ve tested the accuracy and it was spot on. The battery has been going for a couple of months and still has not died. Thanks.

  9. H*****r

    Small and compact for hanging up in spots. The numbers are big and easy to read despite the size of the device. been using it for a month and haven’t had to change the battery yet.

  10. D***y

    I bought this to monitor the temp and humidity at home. It appears to be accurate in both. The readings from device to device are consistent.

  11. S***r

    Love the fact that it’s small and not something huge that takes up space. It works well and is accurate!

  12. K****y

    The product seems to do the job intended. Small enough to keep on my bookshelf where it is hardly noticeable

  13. N****e

    This thing was exactly what I was looking for! It takes up very little space on the table but is still easy to read with very large numbers. Will buy more for my other rooms!!

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