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Terry Bunker has developed a comprehensive golf enhancement program to assist all levels of golfers to improve their game and their health. By focusing on posture, strength, flexibility, and balance you can improve your most important asset your body.Our program utilizes:

  • Golf specific musculoskeletal evaluation
  • Customized golf fitness program

Terry Bunker, PT, is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin University and the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Physical Therapy School. He is a certified athletic trainer by The National Athletic Trainers Association, NASM-certified personal Trainer, and Titleist Certified Golf Fitness Instructor. Terry has worked with recreational, high school, college, and professional athletes for over 35 years. He has completed continuing education in prevention, evaluation, and treatment of golf-related injuries.

Personalized Program: Your program begins with a comprehensive golf-specific musculoskeletal evaluation. This evaluation identifies areas of weakness or decreased flexibility, balance, stability, and strength. You will be educated on how these components influence your golf performance and risk of injury. Based on these results, Terry Bunker, will develop a functional golf fitness program utilizing one-on-one training sessions or small group sessions designed to enhance your strengths and improve your weaknesses related to your golf swing.

Golf Injury Rehabilitation: If you have suffered an injury and it affects your ability to play golf, we can help! PTS has over 35 years of experience in treating orthopedic and sports-related injuries for recreational or professional athletes. Treatment may be covered by insurance with a physician referral. We accept most insurance plans.Please check if your insurance is listed under our insurance section on this website.

After training with Terry, you can:

  • Enhance your posture, balance, and range of motion
  • Treat and prevent common golf injuries
  • Return to the fairways following an injury or surgery
  • Improve consistency and accuracy in your swing
  • Control the power and distance of your shots
  • Lower your handicap
  • Extend the life of your game for years with pain-free enjoyment

Our physical therapist and professionals offer effective Titleist Golf Program. For more information, Contact us at Tyler, TX center.