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Physical therapy at PTS always involves coordination with your healthcare provider. A treatment plan is created based on your diagnosis and a comprehensive evaluation completed by a physical therapist in conjunction with your physician’s orders. Treatment begins with a thorough evaluation by a physical therapist.

The evaluation will include a review of systems, your medical history, previous conditions, and testing to assure you will benefit from physical therapy. An appropriate plan of care will then be established, with your involvement being the rehabilitation process. Treatments vary, but typically it includes a combination of exercise for strengthening and stretching, manual therapy to improve soft tissue or joint mobility restrictions, as well as education and prevention of re-injury. Other treatments occasionally used include a variety of heat, cryotherapy, and/or electrical modalities. Modification of your therapy program will occur as you progress toward your goals.

Our physical therapist remains in contact with your referring healthcare provider throughout the duration of your time at Physical Therapy Services. Your physician will be notified of any concerns that may affect your treatment of progress. Upon discharge, a home exercise program will be created for you to continue on an individual basis. You also have the opportunity to join Life Changing Fitness, which is our fitness gym located just behind Physical Therapy Services.

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