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Essential Oil Humidifier

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Transform your home into a spa with a single device
Add wonderful natural fragrances to your everyday atmosphere with the Nygex Aroma Diffuser. The device uses micro-atomization technology to completely utilize essential oils and turn your house into a zen space.


The Nygex device acts both as a humidifier and diffuser. The air from the humidifier promotes facial blood flow and enhances skin moisture. The aroma from the diffuser relieves nervous tension.
Elevate Your Atmosphere

Elevate Your Atmosphere

The Nygex Ultrasonic Diffuser adds a refreshing scent to your work and study place, helping you focus. It calms your mind and body, especially while taking a bath or sleeping.
easy to use

Easy to use

Take the top cover off the Nygex Air Humidifier and insert the power cable. Add water and essential oils to the diffuser and press the mist button to turn on the device.

Ultrasonic waves

Instantly atomize essential oils while preserving their structure, thus giving you their full essence.
air humidifier
air humidifier

4 timing modes

One continuous fogging option along with 60, 180, and 360 minute timers for auto shut-off.

Ultra-quiet design

The low-decibel operating sound of the diffuser will not interrupt your sleep.
More reasons to love our diffuser
Non-slip Cuff

Non-Slip Pad

Focus boost

Colorful LED Lights

Wood Grain

Classic Wood Grain Finish

High Capacity

High Capacity

Cooling effect

Cooling Port

11 reviews for Essential Oil Humidifier

  1. A****a

    This humidifier is fantastic!! It has a nice strong mist that lasted all day and all night and was still going strong the next morning!

  2. J***y

    I bought this product for our bedroom and I love it! It works well, easy to set up and use. And you can use it with essential oils, which is a great pro! Smells fresh and amazing!

  3. C***e

    Really works well, easy to use and clean, puts out more steam than I thought it would, and is very quiet and calm. Worth the money 👍🏻

  4. S****l

    I cannot sleep without this humidifier! The noise is minimal. The output so far has been really good!

  5. C****n

    This diffuser was easy to set up, but most importantly, it is quiet making for a good night’s sleep, with the added benefit of a cool mist humidifier. It has a decent capacity to go running through the whole night. Recommended.

  6. P***a

    I had a humidifier that could hold essential oils before, but I hardly ever smelled them. This one is so much better! It actually fills my room with pleasant smells which help me relax and meditate. 100% recommend this!!

  7. E**a

    I’m using this to add humidity to my room and it works well. Essential oils diffuser is a nice feature as well! The light isn’t bright enough to disturb your sleep and it’s not loud at all. Great buy

  8. M**e

    I keep this humidifier next to my bed as I sleep and wake up without a sore throat. I also noticed my sleep quality has improved since I started using it. Works brilliantly!

  9. G****a

    The scent spreads quickly and easily and it has a large capacity water reservoir. Great shape and color! And it didn’t leak all over my table as other models did, so it’s really high quality!!

  10. E**n

    This is the perfect little diffuser that can handle the big job of dispensing essential oils for several hours. It runs quiet and I like the auto shut-off when the water is nearly gone. Would recommend to anyone!

  11. K***h

    This diffuser is absolutely amazing! Starting with great performance and ending with remote control. Absolutely great for aromatherapy and as a powerful humidifier!

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