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U-Shaped Travel Neck Pillow

(12 customer reviews)

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Your perfect travel companion
The Nygex pillow is a must-have for frequent travelers. It provides the necessary support to help you fall asleep easily. Designed to adapt to your cervical shape, our cushion relaxes your neck muscles for added comfort during long trips. It's small enough to fit in your carry-on luggage, so you can take our pillow with you wherever you go.

Sleep improvement

Our U-shaped pillow cradles your neck with raised lobe contouring, improving head alignment. Supported by soft memory foam, it reduces strain on the cervical area caused by an unnatural neck tilt. Those factors guarantee a restful slumber for you.


Our pillow's compact design and lightweight construction ensure easy fitting into hand luggage. This makes it easy to travel with our cushion.


Featuring a removable velour cover, the Nygex plane neck pillow is effortless to keep clean and hygienic.
More reasons to love our memory foam travel pillow

Ergonomic Contour

Quality Materials

Relieve Stress

Plush Fabric


12 reviews for U-Shaped Travel Neck Pillow

  1. H****n

    This neck pillow is very snug and comfortable. I wear it all the time while reading or watching tv. It takes the stress off my neck caused by spinal stenosis. I highly recommend this pillow.

  2. J***m

    The material is soft and cozy. I have trouble getting my head comfortable to sleep in planes and this pillow really helps. Thanks!

  3. J***e

    Very comfortable but not too soft. It maintains shape and has a soft washable cover. I use it when I sleep in my recliner to avoid waking with a sore neck.

  4. M***a

    Super comfy and easy to transport everywhere! I love that it comes with a sleeping mask. Great quality!

  5. S****s

    Very soft. Works and feels wonderful. Highly recommend.

  6. B****a

    My family went on a trip and these were so handy! They are so soft and we had the best sleep ever on an airplane!!

  7. E***a

    I’m not new to travel accessories and I’m one of those people that CANNOT sleep on a plane. This pillow definitely helped in being able to get comfy and doze off. No neck pains after my last long flight!

  8. S***h

    It’s well made and works well. It rolled up and got back in the carrying case pretty easily. Definitely exceeded my expectations!

  9. K*****n

    I have a bad neck and needed a good neck support pillow for a long flight. This one was awesome. It was perfectly comfortable and I was thankful it kept my neck from hurting.

  10. T**a

    So I didn’t buy this pillow for travelling, I bought it for my neck with cervical arthritis. The shape provides great support! It feels great and it’s worth it!

  11. D****a

    I like that the pillow can be packed in a bag and can be easily taken out or put back in. It comes with a sleep mask and earplugs for sleeping. What I liked most is that you can take the cover and wash it. Very good purchase

  12. W****y

    This pillow is so worth it! It’s designed like a neckbrace and does an excellent job of preventing your head from rolling forward while asleep.

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