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Lower Back Support Belt

(13 customer reviews)


Tired of discomfort and soreness in your lower back? This Lumbar Back Support Brace relieves back pain and allows you to move with ease!

Whether you are recovering from an injury, feel extreme lower back pain, or are required to wear a brace for a medical purposes, our Lumbar Back Support Brace is the perfect companion for you. It provides support to your back, helping to relieve the back pain that comes from injuries, everyday stress and strain, chronic conditions and lifting heavy objects. The brace promotes required compression and stabilization for the lower back, relieving pain associated with acute and chronic lumbago, sciatica, herniated discs, sprains and strains, chronic muscular weakness, and other conditions causing pain and discomfort in the lower back, and requiring moderate to firm back muscle support.

The lumbar back brace helps you:

  • Ease back pain
  • Keep your back straight and align your spine
  • Immobilize injured areas and assist in recovery
  • Relieve strain and pressure on the spine while doing some housework or heavy lifting
  • Improve your posture
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Prevent re-injury

The support belt is made of highly elastic fabric on the outside that conforms to the natural curvature and supports the lower back, promoting muscle relaxation and proper alignment of the spine while the inner wrap of neoprene fabric ensures comfort and heat retention. The warmth provided by the high quality neoprene helps to ease back muscle spasms and lower back pain associated with a herniated disc and spinal stenosis.

The design of double pull mechanism provides abdominal support to help the spine take weight off the lower back. This means less pressure is placed on the spine, ligaments, muscles, discs and other injured areas to allow faster recovery and enhance stability. The elastic criss-cross bands provide consistent compression while the hook and loop adjustment straps allow you to choose the fit that feels best. This way the brace delivers support whether you’re doing your daily routine around the house or spending hours on your feet at work, so you can finally move without pain.


To make sure our support brace will work perfectly for you, be sure to check the sizing chart in the information below and choose the proper size in the menu.

S: 90cm*22cm / 35.4inch*8.66inch  ;  Waist: 60-83cm / 23.6-32.6inch
M: 100cm*22cm / 39.4inch * 8.66inch ;  Waist: 77-93cm / 30.3-36.6inch
L: 110cm*22cm / 43.3inch * 8.66inch ;  Waist: 90-103cm / 35.4-40.5inch
XL: 120cm*22cm / 47.2inch * 8.66inch ;  Waist: 100-113cm / 39.3-44.4inch
XXL: 130cm*22cm / 51.2inch * 8.66inch ;  Waist: 110-123cm / 43.3-48.4inch
3XL: 140cm*22cm / 55.1inch*8.66inch ;  Waist: 120-133cm / 47.2-52.3inch
4XL: 150cm*22cm / 59inch*8.66inch ;  Waist: 130-143cm / 51.1-56.2inch
5XL: 160cm*22cm / 62.9inch*8.66inch ;  Waist: 140-153cm / 55.1-60.2inch
6XL: 170cm*22cm / 66.9inch*8.66inch ;  Waist: 150-163cm / 59-64.1inch

✔️ FULL SUPPORT FOR LOWER BACK — Ensures secure customized fit, added compression and stable dynamic support, while allowing for a comfortable range of movement via its flexibility.

✔️ PAIN RELIEF — Provides lasting relief from lower back pain and other conditions such as herniated discs, sciatica, scoliosis and degenerative disc disease.

✔️ FAST RECOVERYThrough its double pull design, the brace keeps all of your injured muscles, ligaments, and tendons in place, allowing those injuries to heal while you remain active. 

✔️ BETTER POSTUREGives you extra lumbar back support by keeping your back in an upright and extended position. It helps facilitate good posture and keeps you from sitting in a slouched position

✔️ COMFORT & DURABILITY — Suitable for men and women, and helps provide the best comfort with its unique curved side design. The construction of the moisture-wicking fabric evenly distributes pressure and impact, keeps your back dry and comfortable during physical activity, and provides stability without restricting essential movement.


Lower Back Support Belt Product Questions

  • Do back support belts work?

    Yes, back support belts can work effectively when used correctly and in appropriate situations. They provide stabilizing support and compression to the lower back region, helping prevent strain and reduce discomfort associated with back pain. However, it is important to note that back support belts should not be solely relied upon for relief; they should be combined with proper exercise, strengthening, and maintaining good posture to address the root causes of back pain.

  • Can wearing a belt help with lower back pain?

    Wearing a back support belt can help alleviate lower back pain by providing support to the spine, promoting proper posture, and minimizing discomfort caused by muscle strain or injury. These belts also apply gentle compression to the affected area, which can aid in reducing inflammation and improving circulation. Nonetheless, consulting with a healthcare professional is crucial to ascertain the suitable treatment tailored to your particular condition.

  • Is there a recommended duration for wearing back support for running?

    There isn’t a one-size-fits-all recommended duration for wearing back support while running, as individual needs and circumstances can vary. In general, it is advised to wear back support during running activities that put a strain on the lower back or if you have existing lower back pain or discomfort. It is essential to consult your healthcare.

  • Is it OK to wear a back belt all day?

    While it may be tempting to wear a back belt all day for continuous support, it is generally not recommended. Wearing a belt for extended periods could lead to dependence on the belt and weakening of the core muscles that naturally support your spine. Rather, it is recommended to wear the back support during activities or tasks that exert pressure on the lower back, including lifting heavy objects or standing for extended periods. Consulting with your healthcare provider to obtain personalized guidance and recommendations tailored to your particular condition and requirements is crucial.

  • Can I wear a back support for lower back pain while exercising?

    Wearing back support for lower back pain during exercise or sports activities can help alleviate discomfort and provide additional support. However, it is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before using back support to ensure it is suitable for your specific needs and will not negatively impact your performance or worsen any existing conditions. Additionally, make sure the back support does not restrict your movement or hinder your ability to perform exercises correctly and safely.

  • How tight should a back support belt be?

    A back support belt should be tight enough to provide adequate support and compression but not so tight that it restricts your breathing or movement. A properly fitted belt should feel snug and comfortable, without causing any discomfort or pain. When adjusting the belt, ensure it maintains even pressure on the lower back area and sits at the proper location on your body. If you experience any numbness, tingling, or discomfort, the belt may be too tight and should be readjusted accordingly.

  • Does a back support belt for women help with maintaining proper posture during daily activities?

    Yes, a back support belt for women can help maintain proper posture. The belt provides stability and support to the lower back, promoting proper spinal alignment. When worn correctly, it encourages better posture by assisting the core muscles and minimizing the risk of strain or injury. However, it is essential not to over-rely on the belt and also focus on strengthening the core muscles and practicing good posture habits.

  • How do back support belts for work help prevent lower back injuries and strain during manual labor?

    Back support belts for work help prevent lower back injuries and strain by providing additional support and stability to the lumbar region. They assist in maintaining proper posture and alignment, especially during activities that involve lifting, bending, or twisting. The belts also distribute pressure evenly across the lower back, reducing muscle strain and the likelihood of injury. It is important to combine the use of support belts with proper lifting techniques and workplace ergonomics for maximum effectiveness.

13 reviews for Lower Back Support Belt

  1. D**e

    Love this belt! It’s comfortable and provides good support. Quality and durability seem good.

  2. R****e

    Easy to put on and feels great with lots of support. I pulled a muscle and this brace was so much better than the one I purchased from another store. Helps to relieve pain.

  3. N**l

    Works perfectly! My back pain is almost entirely gone in just a few hours of wearing it. Well worth the money.

  4. M****y

    I put this belt on whenever I’m going to be doing a lot of lifting and bending over and it keeps my spine in alignment. Unlike some other braces I have tried, this one doesn’t irritate the skin and hides easily under shirts. Recommended!

  5. A****r

    I use this lower back brace for my back and I find it very helpful for easing pain. Great product! Very comfortable and easy to use.

  6. K****h

    Easy to adjust and it’s not bulky like some other brands I’ve tried. Fits perfectly and doesn’t get loose or fall off. Highly recommend it

  7. P**h

    I suffer from constant back pain in my lower back and I need much support. This brace is comfortable and I have tried so many. I love that you can synch it with the side tabs to add extra support. Very efficient in reliving pain 👍🏻

  8. J***e

    Really helps if you got a sliding vertebra or disc! It’s breathable and sturdy, gives good support.

  9. A***e

    This back brace is well made and very sturdy. It fits well and is good for pain relief and injury prevention. It keeps its shape and is long-lasting for sure. Good buy!

  10. K***n

    I’ve had back surgery five years ago and had a shift of vertebrae causing pain. This brace has helped me to continue doing daily tasks while I am doing PT to strengthen my back. Thanks!

  11. J**n

    Tried a number of other belts but this one is the most effective for my back. It has enabled me to move easily and has supported my spine. Couldn’t be happier with it.

  12. P**l

    This belt is easy to adjust and the velcro is amazingly strong and does not unravel. Great product for supporting your sore back!

  13. T***n

    This back brace is hands down the best. I have been wearing it ever since received it. It does the job!

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