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3000ml Air Humidifier Aroma Oil Diffuser

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Breathe easier and sleep better
The Nygex oil diffuser is an essential household appliance for ultimate comfort. It maintains a healthy humidity level indoors, promoting easier breathing. This powerful device can work for hours, filling your home with a soothing aroma. It is not just practical but also stylish with its sleek, modern design.

Efficient use

Our humidifier has two nozzles, enabling it to cover larger areas. A more humid environment can help prevent dry skin and sinus congestion.

Ambient light

The Nygex humidifier emits a soft glow, creating a relaxing atmosphere suitable for yoga or meditation. There are various colour options to choose from.

Quiet operation

Powerful yet silent, this oil diffuser won't interrupt your daily activities or rest.

Aroma diffuser

Our humidifier will fill your room with essential oil scents, boosting your mood and reducing stress. Choose your favourite aroma to achieve a more calming atmosphere.

Adjustable mist

You can control the intensity by choosing between continuous, intermittent, or alternate modes. This flexibility ensures the optimum humidity level is always maintained.

Large capacity

Thanks to the volume of 3000ml, this device doesn't require constant refilling.
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USB Charging


Easy To Use

12 reviews for 3000ml Air Humidifier Aroma Oil Diffuser

  1. J****n

    This device is superb for keeping the air in my home fresh and clean. I have a large open living space but it manages to fill the entire room with my chosen aroma. A must have!

  2. E**a

    Love this product! It’s eased my chronic dry skin and sinus issues significantly since I’ve started using it. Anyone suffering from dry skin or sinus problems should definitely get it.

  3. L****y

    This huge humidifier is amazing! I use it with lavender oil for a calming effect at night. It’s so easy to use and the adjustable mist level is a great feature.

  4. F***a

    This humidifier is perfect for larger rooms or living spaces. It’s incredibly efficient in circulating the aroma in big rooms. One of the best purchases I’ve made for my home!

  5. T****s

    This diffuser is wonderful! I can choose whatever essential oil I like, it’s not bulky, and I can move it from one room to another. Definitely a 5-star product!

  6. J**h

    I purchased this diffuser to use at night while sleeping. It has soft lights in different colors and the tank holds a lot of water. It’s great that it does not need topping off frequently

  7. N***y

    Great buy! It works as advertised and I love it. Add a couple of drops of essential oils and your room will be filled with pleasant smells. No more dry throat, mouth, nose or eyes. Recommended!

  8. P***e

    I bought this unit on a whim but have not regretted my decision. It definitely helps with my respiratory issues. Plus I love how it adds a beautiful aroma to my living room. Thanks.

  9. A****a

    This has been a game changer for me. It provides consistent humidifying action all night long and doesn’t interrupt my sleep. The diffuser function is an added relaxation tool that works really well.

  10. S***a

    Love this humidifier. It’s been great for relieving my sinus problems. It’s sleek, takes in a good quantity of water and works well. The only drawback is that it’s too loud for me at night.

  11. H****e

    I’m very pleased with this product. It’s large enough to humidify my entire bedroom which is a blessing for my sensitive nostrils. Also, having the aroma oils diffused is such a game changer. It’s all about creating a soothing environment.

  12. D****e

    Overall, I love this humidifier. Absolutely fantastic for adding humidity and pleasant scents. Instructions could be better. It was a bit tricky figuring out how to use it the first time.

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