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How to lose weight in the face: cheeks, deflate!

The face, more often than other parts of the body, takes the blows of fate – it is on it that you can calculate, at a glance, lack of sleep, a tendency for overeating and even a craving for excessive puffy pillows. Do not wait by the sea of weather, declare to fight cheeks and a second chin today, and learn already at last funny, but effective exercises to lose weight in the cheeks. So, how do you lose weight quickly in the face?

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Chubby cheeks may seem cute to anyone – but usually not to their owners.

Three reasons that make your face look full:

➯ Weight gain
On the cheeks and cheekbones, as well as around the temples and neck, subcutaneous fatty deposits easily accumulate – often in quantities that change the features beyond recognition.

➯ Deformational aging
This is connected not so much with age as with the degree of degenerative damage to the facial musculature and skin. Risk factors – heredity, smoking, hormonal disorders. The tissues become flabby, loose, sagging, and the face looks full and puffy.

➯ Swelling
Schedule disorders, lack of sleep and fresh air, a sedentary closed lifestyle, alcohol abuse, as well as simple carbohydrates and salt, diseases of the excretory system and the thyroid gland often lead to the fact that the thin skin of the face retains fluid. In this case, the actual slimming of the face may not be necessary, it is enough to restore drainage and adjust the metabolic processes. Of course, with the assistance of a doctor.

How to lose weight in the face: will diet help?


To start with, the bad stuff: it is physically, chemically and technically impossible to make any one part of the body lose weight point by point. As a rule, all the disadvantages of diet and lifestyle are primarily manifested on the face, and the older we get, the more obvious this dependence becomes. However, there is good news: the result of any positive changes, as a rule, becomes visible in the mirror from the cosmetic bag in the first place.

It is believed that more than others, women dream that their cheeks lost weight, type “apple” (so-called abdominal type of obesity in which deposits are concentrated around the waist and the slowest way out of there – to lose weight in the legs have succeeded, but the waist has not “cut through,” and cheeks are not going anywhere).

This unfortunate phenomenon is based on genetic features of the figure, which determine the structure of the body and its individual parts. Most often the “problem of cheeks” has nothing to do with the soft tissues themselves, it is based on the specific proportions of the face, the location of the bones of the skull, etc.

Even a very thin person’s face can remain wide and large – in this case, it is necessary to rely on cosmetic concealment. Facial slimming is an unavoidable consequence of losing weight in general. If the measures taken to get rid of excess weight are systematic and well thought out, the face will inevitably lose weight, although it may take some time for the effects of the diet to “catch up”.

Apply a strict diet and express diet for facial slimming is not recommended – the result may be just the opposite of expectations, as a woman’s face is able to respond quite eloquently to the deprivation of traces of fatigue and violation of the outlines.

To help keep your skin clear and supple, you can take advantage of California dermatologist Jessica Wu’s skin diet. In addition, when making a diet for slimness and health and planning to lose weight on the face, it is important to follow the following rules:

water and lemon metr salad

  • Drink at least nine glasses (180 ml) of plain pure non-carbonated water daily;

  • To lose weight in the cheeks, you should completely give up alcohol;

  • Eat raw fruits and vegetables at least six times a day (separately, or as part of dishes);

  • Increase your calcium intake (at least 1,200 mg per day, consult your doctor about the amount and sources!);

  • Limit salt and sugar intake as much as possible;

  • Visit a sauna, sauna (if there are no contraindications) and regular stretching exercises – this improves blood supply and elasticity of muscles, including the face.

How to lose weight in the face: special massages, masks and exercises

➯ Morning massage to lose weight in the cheeks
Fights extra chins and sagging cheeks. Soak a small and not very thick terry towel in a warm infusion of chamomile, sage, lime, yarrow (to prepare the infusion, pour a glass of boiling water over 1 tbsp of crushed dried herbs, leave for 20 minutes, strain). Make a few sharp movements in the manner of an accordion, sharply divide the ends of the towel to the sides, so that the cloth slapped on the chin.

For better action, “herbal” days can be alternated with “salty” days. In this case the towel for the massage is moistened in a strong salt solution (1 tbsp. of sea salt or iodized salt per 1 liter of water). It is important to consider the type of skin: for dry skin and skin with visible capillaries the solution should be less strong and room temperature, while for normal and oily skin the solution can be made more concentrated and hot.

After the procedure, apply a cream suitable for your skin to your face and neck.

➯ Face slimming mask
Composition: for oily skin, a base of live yeast, lemon juice and egg white is used (all mixed to the desired consistency); for dry and normal skin, oat flakes, bran and 2-3 drops of retinol are added to the base.

Process: apply to face, neck and décolleté area (2-3 layers). Lie down with your head tilted back to strain the chin area. Rinse after 15 minutes. The mask should be done once a week.

➯ Exercises to combat the second chin

In addition to strengthening the muscles of the face and neck, you will also strengthen the cervical spine. Masters of facial fitness recommend doing exercises for the face in front of the mirror, pre-lubricating problem areas with cream or wiping lotion.

girl girl girl girl girl

  • Move the jaw. Tilt your head back as much as possible, push your chin forward and try to catch your lower lip on top of your upper lip.

  • Clench your teeth. Pull down lower lip.

  • Lower the corners of your mouth and tense your neck muscles firmly, then relax.

  • Rest your chin on your fist. Forcefully lower your head and stir yourself with your own hand. The movements can be up and down as well as sideways.

  • Resistance in the opposite direction. Lower the head (it is desirable to touch the dimple between the collarbones with the chin), grip the hands on the back of the head, raise the head with force and press backward with the hands.

  • Bend your head toward your left shoulder to touch it with your ear. Place right hand on right temple. Tilt your head to the right shoulder, overcoming the resistance of the hand. Do the same in the opposite direction.

  • Tilt your head and stretch your chin alternately to the right and left shoulder.

  • Turn your head to the right, put your palm on your left cheek and turn your head to the left through the counter resistance of the pressed palm. Change hands and direction.
    Do 5-10 times each way.

Five more ways to make your face lose weight:

➯ Watch your posture
Despite the unobvious connection, the habit of slouching is often the cause of a puffy face and the appearance of a second chin. Simple weight redistribution, controlling your shoulders straightened, chin up, and deep breathing can bring amazing results in literally a week.

➯ Change your pillow
Reading while lying on your back can be a habit that is good for the intellect, but rather bad for those seeking to lose facial weight. A fluffy pillow while resting and sleeping contributes to the weakening of facial muscles and the appearance of hated extra chins, as well as swelling. The solution: read in a chair and sleep on a thin pillow, an orthopedic pillow, or no pillow at all.

➯ Get a proper haircut
Failure on the head can also spoil the perfect appearance, so do not tempt fate if you know your weaknesses very well. A chubby, heavy face is contraindicated to a bob and a silent-movie-style karee (on the lower cheekbones or higher), as well as short “flat” haircuts. To choose the form of hairstyles and tricks with coloring, visually making the face thinner and thinner, help the master hairdresser.

➯ Do not neglect the painting
If your cheeks are more noticeable than you would like, choose lighter shades of lipstick: dark lip make-up emphasizes flaws of the face and makes it visually older, but a calm, neutral shade, on the contrary, adds freshness to the image. Sculpt the area around the eyes and cheekbones with foundations and blush – if you know how to use concealer, it can literally make your face look shiny. Alas, the charms will dissipate after washing, but still!

➯ Trust your cosmetologist
Injection and more surgical techniques – this is probably the island of last hope, but in the arsenal of modern specialists they have the technology to make a skinnier face and without having to cut or inject something. For example, a sculpting massage with the hands of an experienced specialist or a hardware isometric contraction of the facial muscles provides good results. It makes sense to do such procedures, to achieve the most noticeable and long-lasting effect. Special creams with draining and tightening action will be a good help, but do not expect too much from them: the creams themselves, even the most expensive, will not make the face lose weight and will not turn Renée Zellweger cheekbones into Marlene Dietrich cheekbones.

Her face has lost weight! What’s next?

So, now you are completely savvy on how to lose weight quickly in the face. However, keep in mind that with a drastic weight loss your face is unlikely to immediately look fresher and younger – because the skin, after the “deflation”, is not able to shrink in the blink of an eye. And therefore it makes sense to go to a beautician and ask what masks and what procedures will help you (taking into account your skin type, age and other initial data) to increase skin elasticity, as well as to give it a “blooming” and healthy look.

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