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How Does U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Work?

Among professionals who recommend the use of U-shaped pregnancy pillow, there are midwives, osteopaths, physiotherapists and yoga teachers. While the benefit of a pregnancy pillow is no longer to be presented, the way various kinds of U-shaped pillow work differs depending on the position adopted. So, depending on whether the pillow is placed under the neck, around the pelvis, under the legs, etc., the sensations vary. To help you get the most from your pregnancy pillow, here is a non-exhaustive list of maternity pillow use positions during pregnancy.

To help you feel better, unfold your pillow so that it is as open as possible and hold it tight against you while lying down. Ideally, lie on your left side with the pregnancy pillow tight against you. Bend your right leg 90 to the rest of your body, pull it up enough not to arch your back, and rest it on the pregnancy pillow. 

Your left leg remains relaxed on the bed and against the maternity pillow. Since U-shape pregnancy pillows are long enough and flexible, you can rest your head on one end of the pillow, with your arm underneath, to keep your whole body upright. This position relieves the back by preventing you from arching and also ensures better positioning of the baby. This position also frees the vena cava and promotes good blood circulation.

Release the tensions in your belly

To relieve the tummy that is tired of carrying your baby all day, use your maternity pillow whenever and wherever you can. In most positions of using the cushion, your stomach will be relaxed. While lying down, place your maternity pillow under the buttocks to straighten your back and relax your stomach. When you sit on the sofa, place the center of the nursing pillow behind your back and bring its ends to either side of your belly to use it as an armrest and rest your arms, thus releasing the tension in your belly. Sit comfortably on your pregnancy pillow, and cross your legs. This posture will promote an upright posture, free your belly, it will be less oppressed.

Relieve back pain

Use your nursing pillow to relax the neck and optimize breathing. Lying on your back, slide the center of the pregnancy pillow under your neck, and let your arms rest on either side of the nursing pillow. This position optimizes your breathing, it also allows you to relieve tension under the shoulder blades and limit gastric reflux.

Minimize leg swelling

Are your legs aching and your feet swollen? Lie on your back and place your maternity pillow under your legs. This position allows you to elevate your legs, keep your back straight, but most importantly, regulate your blood circulation in the legs and relieve pain and heavy legs.

Better sleep during pregnancy

In some cases of risk of premature delivery, the mother should lie down as often as possible before the baby is born. If you are in this situation place your nursing pillow under your buttocks, and let your thighs rest on it. This position allows the baby to position himself higher in the uterus, while relieving the lower back and pain in the lower back. It is also possible to place the pregnancy cushion under the knees, while remaining on the back, in order to straighten the pelvis and relax the back.

Sleeping on your stomach

The pregnancy pillow also helps all moms who are used to sleeping on their stomachs, but can no longer afford it for fear of hurting the baby. Place your U-shaped pillow with the section in an arc under your chest and the right leg raised and placed on the cushion. This position will allow you to lie on your stomach without compressing it since it will be raised by the pillow. The fetus is comfortably seated in weightlessness in the amniotic fluid and receives almost no pressure.

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