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10 Ways to Use a Face Massage Roller in Your Skincare Routine

What is a jade roller?

The beauty industry network is abuzz with the new obsession, jade rollers. But is it so new? It’s both: the roller part of it is quite modern, while the jade used for beauty purposes is ancient. It is a small semi-precious stone tool to massage the face and enhance the action of the applied treatments. Lately there has been a lot of talk about it, it is one of the objects of desire of beauty addicts, but some rightly wonder if it is really useful, if it works, in a word, because the risk is to realize that you have spent money in vain and that you have wasted time (and hopes); but we also ask ourselves which stone to choose, if any: the jade roller also exists in other stones, such as rose quartz and obsidian.

There is no shortage of questions around this strange object, so it pays to understand first if it is worth buying, and then which one. The choice, in fact, is not dictated simply by the preference of one color over the others, but, as you can imagine, there is much more to take into account, starting with the specific virtues of semi-precious stones.

Jade fights inflammation and redness, has a soothing action, and helps relieve tension, making the skin more toned. Rose quartz stimulates circulation, therefore it helps tissue oxygenation, and eliminates toxins and impurities (detox action). It makes the skin more elastic, uniform and radiant, minimizes the appearance of pores, reduces dark circles. Obsidian has above all a balancing action and can improve acne, psoriasis, eczema. But it is also anti-stress and purifying, it helps to clear the pores and make the skin healthy.

Here are some massage movements for the face to naturally prevent the aging of your skin:

1. Neck stretching: using the jade roller, stretch the skin of the neck from bottom to top by exaggerating the movements, going up to the point of the neck.

2. Lift exercise, stretching with the help of your jade roller, from the inside to the outside of the cheekbones, keeping the mouth in a “hen-bottom” shape.

3. Place the roller under the chin and roll it along your cheek outward. This helps to activate the pressure point under the chin in the center of the face, and to elevate the cheeks by improving the appearance of the smile or nasolabial fold area. Repeat on the other side.

4. Keeping the roller pressed vertically on the lips, try to breathe while resisting the force of the hand. This helps to improve the muscle tone of the lower half of the face, and to activate blood circulation, promoting oxygenation and tissue nutrition.

5. Place the roller on the eyebrow, one at a time, stretching them outward as you try to frown. This helps to soften the area of ​​the wrinkle between the eyebrows, for a much softer, youthful and relaxed look. This serves to relieve tension and correct the posture of the shoulders because a numb musculature also influences a bad position of the neck and chin leading to the appearance of the double chin.

6. Pass the jade roller along the chin line.

7. Pass the jade roller on your cheekbones by alternating horizontal and vertical movements. Run your roller along these facial lines for total soothing and a gentle anti-aging effect.

8. To enhance this facial yoga session, add a small drop of oil on your face to facilitate movement.

9. Jade rollers are available in a range of shapes and sizes. Choose larger ones for the whole face (especially for cheeks, jawline and forehead), and smaller for the most sensitive areas, like the lip contour and around the eyes, where – a quick reminder – it should be passed with extreme delicacy. In general, the pressure should be very light, but constant.

10. One last tip: to emphasize the anti-swelling, soothing and toning effect, leave the roller in the fridge, closed in a sachet or wrapped in a cloth to keep it clean.

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